Greener Pastures is a small sustainable travel company based in Northeast India which promotes responsible tours and adventures to exotic places, with a prime focus on uplifting local communities and safeguarding the environment.


We provide authentic and immersive experiences across the vast and exotic frontiers
of Northeastern India which are eco-friendly, benefit the communities and are tailored to ensure that travelers take back lifelong memories. We provide the hospitality of a friend, the knowledge of a local, the service of passionate experts and an escape to an unexplored paradise.


Our eventual aim is to start many philanthropic initiatives from which we plan to help the indigenous tribal people and conserve the natural beauty of the region.


To showcase the seven sister states of the North-East Of India.

Mystique mountains, magnificent rivers, and magical forests.

A kaleidoscope of tribes and cultures, left isolated since time forgotten.
We welcome you to come join us,
to experience Northeast India,
and to spread the vibe.

– Vaivhav Todi, Director

Discover and showcase exotic places

A lot of places in the region deserve recognition for their beauty. We, at Greener Pastures strive to bring these little or unknown places to our travelers.

Promote community development

Promoting community development by organizing workshops, clinics etc. You as a traveler can look forward to staying with the various tribal communities and learn about them, and in-turn spread awareness amongst them.

Empowering local youth

Empowering the local youths by providing them employment in the tourism sector, and making them aware of the rich culture, nature and heritage they belong to.

Raise a voice against environment crimes

Amidst the beauty of the region, there is a silent danger of poaching of both wildlife and flora. It is our aim at Greener Pastures to raise a voice against these environmental crimes.

Promote local arts and crafts

The many tribes and cultures of the region, all of them have their own intricate style of arts and crafts. We want to showcase and advertise these rare commodities, so that they can be preserved before they become extinct. In return, such a practice also helps in local communities find an alternative and sustainable source of income.

Assist social citizens

Greener Pastures will provide ground assistance to various environmentalists (NGO’s, Filmmakers, Photographers etc), so that they can easily come to the region and set base.

Promote responsible tourism

Promote responsible manners in tourism industry in the region, so that an alternative sustainable source of income can be provided to local communities at the grassroots level, and at the same time do our best to protect the forests and resources from mass exploitation.

Illustration for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism in Northeast India

Our holidays are meant to make something better out of the places we live in, work at and love so much. Professionally, we have done so by applying sustainable tourism policies in our operations. These methods have been implied after careful research and based on tools and resources developed by leading tourism groups such as The Travel Foundation and United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Our current integrations are:


This is a very important aspect of any responsible tourism initiative. Especially in a place like Northeast India where more than 200 tribes and religions coexist, each with their own intricate and valuable cultural and historical heritage. If local people know that a part of the reason travelers visit their area is because of the historical sites, the songs, the festivals, and their way of life, then they are more likely to want to preserve and protect these aspects of their society, rather than change them with modern ways or migrate into urban culture.

In Northeast India, the recent two decades have witnessed the loss of indigenous culture and migration of local population to urban areas. This has been mainly due to the lack of income opportunities in the villages. But tourism is slowly changing this. We have personally witnessed how travelers are helping in the preservation of the many cultures of the region. Local people are today more conscious and proud of their heritage, and have begun to take steps to ensure the preservation and protection of this heritage.

As part of our commitment to sustainable tourism, we help our guests understand the local customs and cultures in a progressive manner. This is because, at times, local people can be offended by a tourist’s behavior, irrespective of whether done unintentionally, such as nudity or immodest cloths, excessive consumption of drugs or alcohol or disregard for sacred places. Instead, by using our progressive approach, we promote proper waste disposal, electricity and water conservation, and interaction between the knowledge of our guests and hosts, thus leaving a positive footprint on the places we and our guests visit.



As tour operators based in one of the world’s most important biodiversity area, it is our responsibility and passion to ensure we play a part in the protection and preservation of the natural richness of Northeast India. When a guest visits an area for the rivers, wildlife, wild places, landscapes, flora or fauna, the local communities who reside within these areas are encouraged to preserve and protect the natural richness. Promoting small scale but exquisite wildlife tourism in the region is a key way of spearheading conservation initiatives. Through our tours which deal with natural places, we are actively supporting the wildlife departments of the region and bringing sustainable income to the communities who reside in these places. This has resulted in a positive impact throughout the region. The biodiversity of the region is safer today then a decade back. The wildlife departments have been recruiting more rangers and the villages have been witnessing sustainable development and better co-behavior to live alongside wildlife. Whenever possible, we leave an impact on the places we visit. This is done in company excursions where our founders and guides interact with local communities and educate them about the importance of conservation and the value of wildlife. We’ve also been using Social Media to promote the region as an exclusive wildlife destination and at the same time, raise a voice against environment crimes in the region such as logging and poaching. The channels we use regularly are Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Forums and YouTube. In the future though, we have all plans to open community based wildlife tourism projects where the communities will actively engage and be educated in conservation projects.



In order to meet our aims, we feel it is important we actively support local services providers over large business based services. We achieve this by – 1) Encouraging local unemployed youths to become freelance tour guides, provide them the according training and then using their services. 2) Using the services of locally run accommodations for our tours, and the same time, encourage others to join in. In many of the places you visit, you will notice we use the services of home-stays, local family owned guesthouses, community guesthouses and small family run hotels. This is a major way we are contributing to our sustainability objectives and at the same time helping travelers have a genuine local experience. 3) Using the services of local car-hire providers and supporting others in opening up their own small agency. 4) We’ve observed that hotels and tourist centers engage in selling souvenirs made thousands of miles away. Due to this, we promote the use and sell of authentic crafts made from local resources which provide income to local communities. We also encourage local women to participate in the production of arts and crafts, which we then help sell. This also gives our guests an opportunity to help by buying such products.



As per our sustainable tourism objectives, we’ve decided to play an active part in supporting local charities. This is done by – 1) Hosting an annual fundraiser which is dedicated to having a large scale positive impact on sustainability and conservation. We generously contribute to this fundraiser from our annual profit and also encourage our staff, guests, families and local businesses to donate. 2) 1% from each tour we sell goes to a local or global charity. We have researched and selected a few charities for this initiative based on their relevance to our responsible tourism objectives. We also provide our guests an option to choose the charity they would like their tours to contribute to. 3) Since Northeast India is prone to floods and few other natural calamities, whenever such an event occurs we try our best to help the needy. In the annual floods such as the large one in Assam in 2012, we do our best to donate and provide relief.

Trekking in the Saing Valley and Visit to Majuli Island
January 2018

Hello Vaivhav,

Sorry for the delayed reply but I have just returned back to my country. Everything went well. It was a very good adventure in Arunachal and Assam that we enjoyed very much. The guide Cardo was very good and did everything to satisfy us. Thanks very much for everything and I hope to contact you again in the near future for another adventure.
Stamatis Mavropoulus

Tailored tour of Assam and Nagaland
November 2017

Travel photos and stories from Northeast India - lisa elenaWe took a two week tour of nagaland in oct this year.fantastic would not have seen or had access to any to any of this amazing culture if it hadn’t been for Greener Pastures. Our guide was fabulous and unflappable and being a Nagaman had all the answers to our questions. From the car to to our homestays it was all taken care of. A true adventure cannot wait to go back with these guys.

Lisa and Elena,

Tailored tour of Assam and Nagaland
November 2017

Dear Vaivhav I much enjoyed our trip; particularly the out of the way places you arranged for us eg. Manas. I liked the variety of places where we stayed & Mancotta Chang bungalow was a great; restful end to the holiday. Very well chosen. Bamin, our guide was really excellent. He was helpful & informative. Please pass on my regards to him.

My only criticism is that I wish I had been told before the start of the holiday that the road to the homestay in Nagaland was closed I gather it had been since the monsoons because I would have changed the itinerary & then not stayed 4 nights in Mons.

Other than that, I was really pleased with the holiday you arranged & will certainly recommend you to friends.


Tailored Tour of Northeast India
June 2017

Travel photos and stories from Northeast India - Alan Wilkinson

In Feb this year (2017) we went on a tour of Eastern Arunachal Pradesh and extended it with a trek in the Namdapha national park to give a total of 17 days. We booked through Greener Pastures who did a superb job of arranging the trip for us and gave us a holiday which will provide memories we will cherish. We are still amazed that we have been able to see something of the far North East of India as we are now aged 76 and 80. Organizing our trek in Namdapha tiger reserve was incredible – the experience of walking and camping in that forest was something we will greatly treasure. 

We were provided with a brilliant guide in Baro (Bamin Baro) who lived in the zero valley and knew the are very well and helped to get close to the local people. Our driver, Jantu, was superb and kept us feeling safe on the road journeys. We would like to thank both Baro and Jantu for being such good companions on the trip and teaching us so much about the area.

The organization of the trip was very flexible so the type of accommodation was adjusted to cater for our preference for homesteads over hotels. All the accommodation was excellent, comfortable and friendly and allowed us to sample local food.

In conclusion we would like to highly recommend Greener Pastures to anyone wishing to explore this little visited part of India.

Alan Wilkinson

Accommodation and tour services in Assam
May 2017

Bornav was hugely accommodating and always ready to change our plans at the drop of the hat. We greatly appreciated that he took the time to arrange some additional stops along the way according to our interests. We arranged a tea tour and two nights on a tea estate, which was hugely relaxing and information as we are both tea nerds. We also visited Kaziranga, which is a must for any full experience of the region. Whenever we had any problems or requests, Bornav was there to help. Highly recommended.

Brandon Miliate

Tailored tour of Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh
April 2017

Bornav from Greener Pastures crafted my 7 day trip to Arunachal in April ’17. He was very professional in his approach and had planned the trip excellently. Tawang and Dirang stays were mind bogglingly beautiful and we enjoyed to the hilt! Ali, our driver cum local guide did a fantastic job too. All in all, a memorable trip to Arunachal and thanks to Greener Pastures for making it possible. Kudos!!

Arindam De

Tailored tour of Northeast tribes and culture
January 2017

The three of us had a wonderful tour with Greener pastures. We saw an amazing variety of different things, people and places. Our tour 12 day tour started in Guwahati, from there we drove to Nameri where we stayed in a very nice place inside the National Park. The road to Ziro is really bad, nevertheless, our driver Anil did an excellent job bringing us there. He is an impeccable driver, who knew all good food places, markets and a lot about the whole region and the people. But most importantly he drove us very carefully, so that despite the often bad roads we always felt safe and comfortable.

It must be emphasized that Bornav has been particularly helpful in planning the trip in a way to fit all our needs and interests, and also managing it once we started it. We had one setback just before starting the trip, because the train that would bring us to the the start of our trip got cancelled. However, Bornav and our driver Anil were very accommodating, and after some discussion we drove in the evening so that the rest of our schedule would not be further delayed.

My warmest recommendation of Greener Pastures for anyone who wants to explore these beautiful and unique parts of India.

Gideon Wenninger

Tailored tour of Assam and Meghalaya
January 2017

We did our travel with these guys to Assam and Meghalaya in January. Had an amazing experience – Bornav is very knowledgeable and was helpful throughout. Good selection of properties.

Vatsal Shah

Discover Meghalaya
December 2016

Travel photos from Northeast India - Kanaklatha MalayathWe visited Assam and Meghalaya during the last week of December 2016. Thanks to Mr. Bornav of Greener Pastures and Mr. Biswajit (driver cum guide) we had one of the best trips ever. I highly recommend Greener Pastures to all traveling to northeast… especially with family.

Kanakalata Malayath



Culinary based tour of Assam and Meghalaya
December 2016

Travel photos of Northeast India - NiyatiKudos to Vaivhav and team, especially Bamin Baro our guide and now friend 🙂

We had a great trip and simply loved every experience in the week we spent in Assam n Meghalaya.

Can’t wait to explore the rest of North East again!

Niyati Nayampalli


Assam Wildlife tour
December 2016

We had an excellent tour with Greener Pastures. Before our visit to Assam, Bornav was very helpful in ensuring that we had all the information we needed, and was amenable in making alterations to our itinerary.

We were particularly interested in birding, and our guide was very good at birding and ID. We saw Ibisbill, Bengal Florican, Greater and Lesser Adjutants, Swamp Francolin, Sultan Tit, and many many others. Took the stress and strain out of travel in India, couldn’t recommend this enough. Good value for money.

Dr. Paul Hine

Tailored tour of Assam and Meghalaya
December 2016

I want to thank you for the wonderful package and service provided by you and your team at Greener Pastures. The choice of locations and stay couldn’t have been better. To top that we had Jugen as our driver / guide. I cannot praise him enough with his gentle and honest personality he very much a part of our group and had a huge share in making our trip memorable. We are already hoping for a trip to Arunachal Pradesh next year and hopefully we can reach out to you soon.

Praseeda V

Tailored tour of Assam and Meghalaya
December 2016

We were a group of 5 planning to visit the north east for the first time for the New Year week and had no idea how to plan the booking and sightseeing. At that time my friend suggested we do the booking through Greener Pastures. I got in touch with Bornav and the whole travel itinerary was planned and customized for us for 9days/8nights in a jiffy covering the whole of Meghalaya and Kaziranga in Assam.

The whole tour was arranged very efficiently without any hiccups. Our driver cum guide Jugen was very helpful and resourceful. The accommodation was very good especially in Mawlynnong village and within the forest in Nongriat considering the location. It was a good decision to stay in Nongriat after the trek to the double decker root bridge especially since it used to get dark by 5.00pm.

Choosing green pastures was the best choice. I would definitely and in fact have already recommended Greener Pastures to all my cousins and friends.

Thank you Bornov and Jugen. Had a great trip with you guys!

Vinusha Vasudevan

Tour of Tawang in western Arunachal Pradesh
December 2016

Seamless experience, no issues booking, planning and accessing your team anytime from planning to the end of the trip. Really like the way you don’t just focus on earning money but to help the travelers to get maximum of the North East experience.

No issues in modifying itineraries at run-time as if we have hired our own vehicle, helped especially in Dirang as if not gone to Thambang it would have been a less eventful day as the Sangti valley is not in season currently with all the crops cut. The Driver was good, reliable and trustworthy, and never had any issues with him. Never asked us to wrap up, let us hurry and was very good with his restaurant choices. Was eager to show us places and points and never shied away from straight talk.

Although we were disappointed a bit as there was no snowfall in Tawang and Bum La, overall it was a really a trip to remain in our memory forever and most of it was because of the organized and planned ways you had it done for us.

Vaibhav Dubepatil

Hornbill Festival tour of Nagaland
December 2016

Travel photos from Northeast India - Sergio RivaI would like say thank you for the perfect organization of the tour; we liked very much and we think it is a very interesting tour. Thank you also for the good guide (Kevin) and driver (Digen) you gave us, they are competent and serious. So thank you and I hope to come back soon.

Sergio Riva



Wildlife and rural tour of Assam
November 2016

Hi Bornav,

We were hoping to meet you at the end of the trip in Guwahati to thank you in person. Since that couldn’t happen, here is a small note from all of us.

Firstly, we all would like to thank you for understanding the problem we could have faced due to the demonization issue. Thanks to you, we didn’t have any cash crunch and everything worked out smoothly for us. We really appreciate your help and thoughtfulness.

The itinerary was perfect for us. We had super fun at all places–bird watching as well as rafting at Nameri, elephant safaris and Jeep safaris at Kaziranga and the rural journey at Majuli. We enjoyed each and every place and we would say it was a perfect mix for an Assam road trip.

The food was outstanding in each of the places that we ate. Mahesh took us to the right places too. About accommodation, we think it was a brilliant idea to arrange our stay at local places. When we got back to Guwahati, we actually started missing the places where we stayed. However, just one concern. Some places like eco camp at Nameri and Wild Grass at Kaziranga was a little off the mark in terms of cleanliness. It could also be due to the surroundings we were staying in. But all in all we would rate our stay as good.

The most important part of the trip was our driver, Mahesh. He doubled up as our guide and now I would say a friend. He was fantastic. He ensured we were comfortable at all times. Took care of our safety and was accommodative too. We would recommend him for all our future tripsto northeast.

Overall, the trip was amazing. We all thank you again. And hope to meet you next time.

Vivina Vishwanathan

Tailored tour of central Arunachal Pradesh
May 2016

We are back from our amazing cultural trip in the tribal region of central Arunachal Pradesh and would like to thank you for all, especially for our guide Tasang and our driver Jantu with whom we were exceptionally pleased.

Fatma Ozgenc

Cultural research tour of Majuli Island
May 2016

Travel photos from Northeast India - SwethaThe trip was really good, and guide Baro was specifically very, very helpful. He understood the nature of my trip very well, and he helped me explore the entire island and meet people who I can keep in touch with for future research purposes. I am an anthropologist and so I will be making multiple trips to Majuli. I will be in the North east a lot in the next two years, and I hope to be in touch with Greener Pastures to explore other areas.

Shweta Krishnan

Festival and photography tour of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland
March - April 2016

Travel photos from Northeast India - David GoldenbergI have just returned from a festival based photography trip to Assam, Arunachal and Nagaland on a trip organized by Greener Pastures. Highlights of my trip were Majuli Island, the spring festival of the Apatani people, Tawang Monastery, and the Aoling festival in Nagaland. My guide Kevin was knowledgeable and especially helpful in arranging for me to photograph the people we met along the way. Driver Jantu made our journey as comfortable and safe as possible. He even invited us to his house for dinner on the last night of our visit. All the accommodations, meals, and services provided by Greener Pastures exceeded expectations. From the time they picked us up at the Jorhat airport to the time they dropped us off at Dibrugarh airport we had a wonderful time and fully expect to be back in Northeast India again with them to see more tribes and festivals.

David Goldenberg

Tailored tour of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland
March 2016

We were last March traveling for 18th days in Assam, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh and the trip was great, the guide Daebu was great, always trying to make the trip nice, we had a lot of nice tee stops on the long drives, and Mahesh -the driver- also was good specially he drove very carefully.

The places that we visited were great and we enjoyed a lot.
Gracias tambien to Bornav for the last day in Guwahati.

El habla muy bien español asi que si alguien que habla esta lengua quiere viajar con ellos se puede poner en contacto con el en español.

Jose Luis Alcubilla

Tailored tour of Meghalaya
February 2016

Travel photos from Northeast India - Jiffy-JamesThis review has been long due (I completed my trip in February 2016); I’ll try my best and make up for it.

I had opted for a slightly customized, 8-day tour of the East Khasi Hills, including stays at Cherrapunjee, Nongriat, Shnongpdeng, and Mawlynnong villages. This was my first visit to the northeast (and to east India for that matter), and all the folks at and with Greener Pastures (Vaivhav, Bornav, Kishor, and Embor) really ensured I had a great time. This was what I would call a perfect holiday–with long drives, comfortable stay, arduous but rewarding treks to remote and unspoiled natural sights, excellent touristy sightseeing, new experiences, insightful interactions with locals, and some lasting friendships.

Need I say more! Greener Pastures is a great find and an awesome institution if you’re serious about ecotourism. Keep up the great work, y’all! Cheers

Jiffy James

Tailored tour of Assam and Meghalaya
January 2016

I found Greener Pastures through Google and contacted Bornav to set up our private customized tour of Assam and Meghalaya. Bornav prompt with his responses and flexible with the plan to give us the itinerary we wanted at the price we liked. We had Kevin as our guide and Shivu as our driver. Kevin was informative, polite and very flexible since we had a toddler with us. Our daughter took an instant liking to Kevin and he would carry her while we visited the sites.

We stayed at the Mancotta Bungalow in Dibrugarh and that was by far the best place we stayed at – the bungalow itself was charming and cozy, and the staff provided service par excellence. We were very pleased. All the other places we stayed at were also nice, some were very basic due to the amenities on the island – but the staff was always very accommodating and helpful.

Overall, we had a wonderful experience in Assam and Meghalaya. We will definitely return for another tour with Greener Pastures.

Thank you!

Chaitali Ahya

Tribal tour of central Arunachal Pradesh
December 2015

Just to let you know that our December trip to Arunachal Pradesh went very well, so thank you very much for organising it

We were very pleased with our tour guide, Tasang. He is a really nice man and very knowledgeable about the places we visited. Also our driver Jantu did an excellent job of driving the rather dreadful roads and was very helpful.

The homestay in Ziro is delightful, and the Tea County in Dibrugarh was a very pleasant surprise – so much better hotel than the Natraj we had visited in the town centre. The hotel in Aalo isn’t terribly very good but there doesn’t seem to be anything else there. Perhaps one day someone will open a homestay in one of the interesting villages nearby

I would very happily recommend Greener Pastures to anyone interested in visiting North East India

Many thanks for our trip

Clare Collins

Tour of Tawang in western Arunachal Pradesh
October 2015

Thanks so much for a wonderful tour and especially for arranging driver-guide Kanak Roy, always eager to please and ready to learn more from his visitors just as he shares his knowledge of the local people and places with us. From 6th to 12th October we felt assured that we were in good and capable hands as Kanak drove safely and carefully on some of the most dangerous roads we have been on and knowing that Bornav was available on the phone was also helpful.

The hotels at Bomdila, Dirang and Tezpur were better than the ones we had in Tawang and Bhalukpong in terms of cleanliness and decor.

The beauty of western Arunachal is breathtaking and stunning but road conditions were bone-rattling in far too many places. Hope something is done to repair roads faster though working conditions are so tough in the high mountains.

Overall, despite the minor inconveniences, we had an amazing trip. Kanak was willing to go the extra mile for us and took us to the Rupa monastery as well as to the Umanandan Temple in Guwahati on our way out -which unfortunately we had no time to visit due to the bad traffic jams in Guwahati and we had a flight to catch. It was a good idea that Bornav took us to see the Kamakaya temple before we set off on the tour!

With deep gratitude Bornav, but not ready for a next trip to NE in the near future……but will let you know when we do and will pass on info to others who may want adventure travel.

Padmini & Edward

Tailored tour of Majuli and Arunachal Pradesh
September - October 2015

Travel photos from Northeast India - Farhiz-KI enjoyed the second trip, 28 September-7 October ’15, Greener Pastures arranged for me to Majuli and Arunachal Pradesh, as much as I enjoyed the first in April. Between the two trips, I have covered East & West Kameng, Tawang, Lower and Upper Subansiri, and West and East Siang. This was made possible by the planning and logistics you guys put together and my guide extraordinaire, Bamin Baro. But there is still so much more to see. I look forward to making trip out to at least Mechuka in the future. Cheers.

Farhiz K

Tailored tour of Nagaland
September 2015

I Had a great week long tour with Greener Pastures..excellent guide and driver..the homestays were great fun. Nagaland is green and so relaxing ..

Highly recommended.

Michael Jennings

Tailored tour of Meghalaya
September 2015

Travel photos from Northeast India - Pavithra-RThe trip was truly lovely. Through the five days, our driver cum trek guide Mr. Kishor was extremely courteous and co-operative ; he was very enthusiastic to explore some new places along with us! All the arrangements were perfect; we could easily make some tweaks in the itinerary and customize the trip to our taste. The stay was also good, all the hotels were very clean and quite spacious with all standard amenities. And the most important part- the place itself – Meghalaya is truly one of the most beautiful places I have visited so far! The whole ride through the hills was in itself a serene experience. It was exciting to explore all the places through short treks and hikes and to be able to literally touch the clouds!! Streams of water gushing through almost any narrow gap that the hills present, the numerous waterfalls, caves and of course the man made wonder that is the living root bridges – its truly a place worth exploring ! Looking forward to exploring more of North East with your team soon !

Pavithra Renganarayanan

Tailored tour of Tea Plantations in Assam and Meghalaya
August 2015

A friend and I had the opportunity to tour the Northeast of India and decided to go with Greener Pastures as they provided us with a personalized tour guide and driver. This enabled us to see all of the places on our wishlist and we were treated so well while we were there. One situation that particularly stands out is when we were unsure whether we would be able to participate in the scheduled elephant tour due to it being off-season. Our amazing guide advocated for us and helped to make it possible for us to go on the tour after all. it was a great experience and I would definitely recommend it!!

Manpreet Bening

Tailored tour of Nagaland
June 2015

We had a wonderful trip and Kevin was a great guide; very knowledgeable, thoughtful and spoke perfect English.  There were so many memorable experiences during the week and we really felt immersed in the local culture for the entire time. The trip to Mon in particular is one that will stay with us for many years to come.

All the homestays were fabulous, I would particularly like to comment on the Dzuleke homestay which was probably the best we have had. If there’s an opportunity to pass on again our compliments to the 2 ladies we stayed with and Bele, the village guide, we would love you to do so.

Claire Bushell
United Kingdom

Tailored tour of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya
May 2015

Travel photos from Northeast India Geetha-VishwanathMr Bamin Baro was very helpful, receptive to our views. He made the extra effort to address our needs. The credit for this goes to you Vaivhav for arranging and coordinating and for being communicable and acting on our requests.

Overall experience was exhilarating and motivating. Our visit was interesting with a lot of positive learning and enlightening. Surely we would love to be in Northeast India again in future with the help of Vaivhav, Greener Pastures to see wildlife, flora and fauna which we sorely missed. Mithun stays in our thoughts

Wishing you and Greener Pastures the very best and a bright future!

Geetha Vishwanath

Tailored tour of Meghalaya, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh
April 2015

We took thegreenerpastures help for planning our 12 day trip to Meghalaya, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Starting from suggesting places we should visit in the limited time we have, to arranging our stay and travel was handled by them very smoothly. Due to availability issue they could not provide us with the guide for our entire trip this caused a bit of communication issue here and there but over all the service was very good. We had mentioned that we are looking for a budget trip, given that most of the resorts that we were booked in were good. Specially Orchids Resort in Shillong, La Maison De Ananda in Majuli and Siiro Resort in Ziro. Our driver Niren took us to some local dhabas for meal which gave us opportunity to try out some real local food amongst local people.

Vatsala Singh

Photography tour of the Aoling Festival in Nagaland
April 2015

I  recently completed in April a 10 day custom tour of the Konyak and Ao tribe areas of Nagaland organized by Greener Pastures, a local NE India responsible travel tour company. Vaivhav the owner of the company, was always very quick to respond to my emails and initial enquiry and in planning a custom itinerary that was tailored to my specific interests of the area based around the Konyak Tribe Aoling festival. My guide Kevin was excellent as was my driver. My guide spoke great English and was full of interesting  information about Nagaland and the Konyak / Ao tribes, as well as being able to talk in the Nagaland tribal dialect to many of the local Konyak and Ao tribe people when we visited their villages. To visit some of these more remote areas around Mon and Nagaland with often very bad road conditions it is essential to have a knowledgeable guide and driver. There is not much in the way of accommodation for tourists  in this part of Nagaland so I stayed in basic guesthouse for most of the tour and home-stay village house (no electricity, running water etc) for 2 nights.  Despite the unseasonably bad weather for 6 days of my tour I was very happy with everything and came back with some great photos. I highly recommend Greener Pastures to anyone who is thinking of a trip off the beaten track to NE India.

S Jenkins

Festival based tour of Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland
March - April, 2015

We were very happy about everything. Really. Right from the start, the communication with you was clear and smooth, you did what you said you would do (getting the RAPs, payments etc.) and everything went very well.

Our guide, Tasang, was an extra value then. Being an Apatani he knew everything about Ziro and Myoko, took us to homes of locals and introduced us to his friends and relatives. His English was perfect and he was fun to talk to. He was equally good in Nagaland, although not being a native he spoke the Naga language and had many friends among local guides. He managed to gather all the needed information about exact days and times of Aoling festivities which wasn´t an easy task.

Our driver, was equally good, not just an amazing driver but a friendly and relaxed person as well. We have to thank you all again for doing more for us than was originally arranged – finding the accommodation at Hoolangapar Gibbon Reserve and taking us there. Staying there was far nicer than if we had to make day trips from Jorhat.

Overall, we can highly recommend Greener Pastures to anyone planning a trip to Northeast India.

Vaivhav, I wish you good luck and hopefully we get to see each other on my next trip to the Northeast!

Pavel Handrk
Czech Republic

Wildlife tour of Assam
January 2015

Travel photos from Northeast India - RainerOur trip was really fantastic! We all enjoyed this beautiful and exotic region of India. It didn’t really feel like India, though, and we could really feel the influence of Bhutan, Tibet and Myanmar.

The highlight was Boroland, Manas NP and the trip to the Bhutanese border, including a walk into Bhutan. The scenery was outstanding and the wilderness of Manas simply great. Also, Nameri NP was quite surprising for us. We didn’t expect much but were rewarded with a very nice and wild walk and a smooth rafting on the river. We were lucky and could see the Himalaya mountain range in the morning sun. Simply breathtaking.

Kaziranga was unfortunately very touristic and hectic. Also too much civilisation and dirt/rubbish close to the park border. Didin’t feel wild at all, but taking into consideration that Indian holidays and weekend was one reason. It was too commercial. But still a great experience in terms of wildlife viewing. Unfortunately we were not lucky with a tiger or leopard, but otherwise saw a lot!

We had beautiful weather with bright warm sunny days but really early dark evenings and cold nights. This was some extra experience but luckily we got hot water bottles in the lodges 🙂

Niv was an excellent guide!!! Very knowledgable and great organizer. Very recommendable.

Rainer Kuehner

Tailored tour of Assam and Nagaland during Hornbill Festival
December 2014

Travel photos from Northeast India AlonaMy husband & I took a private tour to Assam& Nagaland during the Hornbill Festival

To begin with we thank Bornav very very much for: his commitment from the day I first mailed Greener pastures.

Bornav was an intelligent, kind and pleasant escort and company to us. We enjoyed his presence and our conversations.

Bornav was very attentive to our preferences and tried as much as he could to meet our wishes.

Together with Bornav we had KeKe as a driver –we fell in love with him !!!! So attentive so sensitive always with a smile always calm and very resourceful.

So why 4/5 stars and not higher ?

Assam & Nagaland are not easy places for tourism and options are not many but still we felt that not enough homework and preparation was made on these places and the possibilities for tourism there.

I do expect my guide to know all alternatives a place can offer, to be a bit more creative and more determined in facing the suppliers.

We do realize the company is relatively young so this remark is only to better the service wishing Greener Pastures all the best and prosperity and we would indeed consider using its services again in future trips.

Alona Ben-Adi Shemesh

Tea plantation stays in Assam
October 2014

Travel photos and stories from Northeast India - Misato-HigashiLots of thanks to Vaivhav jee at Greener Pastures! I had a great time in Assam with very nice guides. It’s not easy especially for foreigners to visit a place not familiar with on their own, but Greener Pastures lets us just enjoy the trip.

I’d like to come and see them soon!

Misato Higashi



Tailored tour of Nagaland
October 2014

Greener Pastures arranged a superb, bespoke trip to Nagaland for us at very short notice. They were really helpful and went out of their way to make sure we had a good time. The driver was excellent on hideous roads and our guide was great fun, knowledgeable and always looking after our best interests. Next time we’re back in the northeast, we would love to use Greener Pastures again.

Joe and Maya

Trek to the Beyul of Pemako
September - October 2014

Travel photos and stories from Northeast India - Greg-MillerWe recently completed an incredible adventure in Arunachal Pradesh in North East India. We were drawn to the area because of the little known trek that takes you to the Tibetan Buddhist pilgrimage area known as Pemako and Danakosha – the “Heart of the World” where Padmasambhava hid many treasures and scrolls when he traveled through this area in the 12th century.

Our trek was a fundraiser to support Tibetan refugees who are coming from Arunachal Pradesh to Canada as part of an Indian/ Canadian initiative to allow 1000 Tibetan refugees to resettle in Canada.

Looking for adventure that is off the edge of the map, this is it! This part of India is rarely visited by Westerners and you travel through villages and country-side that is untouched by the modern world.

Our outfitter, Greener Pastures, and their experienced guides with their local knowledge and contacts were essential to the success of the trip. Through our guides, we were immersed in the native Adi tribes and the local Tibetan community.

With good intentions and merit, a pilgrim in Pemako learns to see the world differently, bringing him closer to the virtues of wisdom and compassion.

Greg Miller

Tribal frontiers of Northeast India
March - April 2014

Travel photos from Northeast India Dick-and-Ann-WalkerDear Vaivhav,

After some 36 hours of travel Ann and I are back home in California and recovering from our wonderful trip to NorthEast India.  We want to thank you so much for designing the trip which met and surpassed our expectations and desires.  We have traveled extensively for many years, and I can assure you that you have given us experiences we have never had before and which we shall always remember.  There are so many special things for which we are grateful: the roomy and comfortable SUV, some of the tastiest Indian food ever, the chance to keep our tourist dollars in India, meeting your friendly countrymen (and women).  We are grateful for the patience and competence of Baro, whom you chose to guide us for over a month.  As I told him, we spent more time with him and Kamal than with our own sons.  And speaking of Kamal, he was a masterful driver, always there with an immaculate car (sometimes he would have to clean it up two or three times a day), whose skill in what I would term impossible situations astounded both of us.  His personality and sense of humor added much to the trip.

Thank you for making the effort to share chai with us.  It was a pleasure to meet you and discuss your goals.  We wish you the best in your desire to promote eco tourism and share your  remarkable part of India with others.

Sincerely yours,

Dick and Ann Walker

Birding in Namdapha National Park
March 2014

The trip to Namdapha for trekking and birding was well thought out, well planned, and well executed by the folks at Greener Pastures.  They took us through just about every part of Namdapha currently accessible on foot.  The guide was knowledgeable,  the food was plentiful and fantastic, and the accommodations were very comfortable.  It was a trip and a company that I would do and use again.

Mike Waters

Tailored tour of Meghalaya
December 2013

I had the pleasure of travelling around NE India with Greener Pastures during the early December 2013. Me and my friend had only a single week for the trip, so we decided to use the services of a travel company. Vaivhav Todi of Greener Pastures, who communicated with me before our trip, suggested an excellent tailor-made itinerary that perfectly met our needs and interests. Our guide, Kevin, was a wonderful person and I am glad that we could spend the week in his company. I must also compliment our driver, who was always very punctual and who tirelessly drove whose wherever we needed. Our whole trip was hassle-free and we felt that we got value for our money.

All in all, we had a great time and I must thank Greener Pastures for making this possible.

Petr Novotny
Czech Republic

Tailored tour of Assam, Meghalaya and Nagaland.
December 2013

Dear Vaivhav

Thank you very much for the great experience of touring North East. We are very impressed by your organisational skills and your selection of guide for the tour. Baro was very cordial and took good care of all of us during the tour and went out of his way to accommodate our requests. We are very much thankful to him for having organised the tour without any hitches in the way of travel, stay or our individual preferences for meals.

I would like to personally thank you for your immediate responses to my queries and Mr. Baro for having given us this memorable experience. We would definitely prefer to have our future tours of North east organised by Greener Pastures.

Thank you on behalf of the entire travel group.

Uma Devi Komath

Heritage and ancestral based tour to Assam for an Englishman
November 2013

Travel photos and stories from Northeast India - david-mossI suspect that, at 66 years of age, I am rather older than the average customer of Greener Pastures and was probably seeking a slightly different sort of package to those of your typical younger, back-packing /trekking clients. Nevertheless, you responded to my needs excellently and gave me a hugely rewarding and memorable experience. I would be very happy to recommend Greener Pastures to any would-be traveller in NE India and have acknowledged you and placed a link to your website on the own blog of my trip.

David M Moss

Trekking in the Tawang region
October 2013

We had a good time in the trek to Tawang…Sange and the team were organized and efficient…Deepak, our driver was skilled…

Its a pity that we could not get to Madhuri lake b’cos of weather conditions, but the drive thro’ Sela pass was interesting…!!

We were in awe at the sight of all those brave people who worked on the hill roads, in tough conditions…humbled…

Thanks…hope to trek some other time…

C Jaya Balaji

Tailored tour of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya
October 2013

I found Greener Pastures (GP) by accident while surfing and preparing our trip to NE India. I contacted several local agencies but -over the mail-  we felt that Vaivavh had a clear idea on responsible tourism and the possibilities that offers this region. We (2) decided not to go to Tawang (we had been in Tibet and Ladakh before) but to concentrate on the tribal areas in Meghalaya and Arunachal. Although not the impressive altitudes of the Himalayas, the mountain and landscapes were stunningly beautiful. Our young guide Cardo (native from Daporijo Area) did a great job introducing us in villages and sometimes houses, talking with locals in one of the many tribal languages (English is NOT regularly spoken in these distant regions). He was a fun person with a good feeling of what Europeans like us are interested in. Also the driver Jinto was a real nice guy. They both worked very well together!

Due to weather conditions (At the end of october, monsoon was late leaving the mountain area) we decided not to go camping near the Tibetan border (we like nature but camping in misty, humid and rainy conditions are not really our thing). So we found Cardo very flexible to come up with alternatives. We decided to return to Dibrugarh earlier (spent the night of Diwali there) and then continued to Nagaland.

On other trips in many countries in the world we have been to, we usually travel on our own, using local transport or sometimes rental car. So we have a rather “independent” mind while traveling. For this trip of 18 days we decided to use the services of a rental car (4×4) + driver and a local guide because of the bad road conditions and the communication difficulties with tribal villages and their inhabitants. We have not regretted this choice at all !

Lucas Van der Broeck

Trek to the Beyul of Pemako in Arunachal Pradesh
September - October 2013

I must confess that in all of our treks in various parts of the Himalaya, this, by far, rates among the best ones.  We have been trekking in the Himalaya for the past 35 years. We got great pictures which we will be sending  you after our return from the Spithi trek for which we are leaving tomorrow. 

The team that accompanied us on the trek were an amazingly hospitable lot.  They were fun to be around with, provided a lot of information about the place and were very industrious.  They never once frowned from work and went out of the way to show us the place and were very patient.  There were places where they held our hands and brought us down the steep slopes inspite of carrying  formidable loads on their backs. We have never tasted the kind of rice and vegetables anywhere in India.  The rice was so tasty and the vegetables were fresh.  I enjoyed the simple fresh meals than the MTR readymade stuff.  Please include more fresh meals in your treks. 

The Adi Community at Jenging taught us city people what real hospitality is. They treated us to a warm meal and a comfortable bed though they did not know us at all. Guide Nogen deputed by you was a kind and well mannered gentleman who had only the best in mind for us.  At every level you saw to it that we were properly accompanied and not left in the lurch. 

Ojith and Amit were wonderful people.  We enjoyed the hospitality showered on us by Bimbo and gang.  Their happy demeanor was infectious.  Inspite of the many hurdles that we met on our way we were able to be cool only because of your staff.  please convey our sincere thanks to Madam Yana Dai and  Nino.

The two ladies Pilu and her aunt were remarkable. Our personal help Jodan was a wonderful person.

Thank you very much Vaivhav and continue the good work.

May you have the pleasure of organising many more successful treks this year.


Vrinda Ramanan

Tour of Tawang and Meghalaya
May 2013

Travel photos from Northeast India -Monica-SwamirajAn awesome trip! Food, accommodation, transport and itinerary – all of them were great. My only regret is that I couldn’t spend more time at Tawang 🙂

Thank you Vaivhav! And a big thank you to Bamin Baro and Manab too!

Monica Swamiraj



Birding tour of Manas and Nameri national parks in Assam
April 2013

My recent trip to Manas and Nameri turned out to be awesome experience. Vaivhav was very exceptional in handling my queries. Before my trip he had talked to me about my needs and what i was basically looking for. Based on my requirement he tailormade the trip and arranged it accordingly. The places I visited was quite remote. All booking were taken care without any hassle.

Tour guide was well knowledgeable and had utmost respect for guests. I had never imagined that a trip like this was ever possible. It was a dream come true for me.

Ramachandra Urs
United Kingdom

Tour of eastern Arunachal Pradesh and Mon District in Nagaland
March 2013

Travel photos and stories from Northeast India - Robin-StephensonThank you for giving me such a great tour. Cardo was a great guide and looked after me very well and  Manab was the perfect driver for the trip. They dealt with the problem with the dates of the permit very well by filling in the extra days with the trip to Mon so that I could still get all the days I had paid for. All together it was a great trip with the perfect team.

Best wishes,

Robin Stephenson
United Kingdom

Tribal tour of Nagaland
February 2013

Travel photos and stories from Northeast India - David-CamrassWe had a once in a lifetime experience with the hills and tribal cultures of Nagaland, made possible by the excellent organization of Vaivhav and the staff of Greener Pastures.

Our guide Kevin, an Angami tribesman and driver could not have been better.


Elinor & David Camrass


Introductory tour of Meghalaya
January 2013

Thanks Vaivhav and Greener Pastures for organizing a fantastic trip to Meghalaya. The guides were knowledgable, flexible and with a keen interest in the region. We felt we had a really unique experience, and are already contemplating our next visit to the region. Greener Pastures will hear from us again.

Petter Tollefsen

Logistics for TV channel on shoot in Arunachal Pradesh
December 2012

Thank you for all your support in making our shooting schedule here in Arunachal Pradesh. An adventure to remember!

We wish you guys all the very best for the future.


NDTV Good Times

Tailored tour of Tawang and Kaziranga National Park
November 2012

First of all I would like to underline that Henrik and I had a fabulous tour to Arunachal Pradesh. Both our driver and guide were excellent companions on the journey leaving us feeling well taken care of, informed, enriched and safe.

Arunachal Pradesh as a travel destination left us both speechless and wanting us to linger on, – the nature is incredible, the villages unspoiled and the religion fascinating.

Regarding Greener Pastures, it is difficult for me to revert as I’m left with a feeling that the success of a trip depends more on the guide than on the agent itself. I can say that you most certainly arranged for a well qualified guide and safe driver for us as well as we never had any issues regarding the accommodation and so forth. Beyond no doubts, this was one of the best travel experiences we have had till date. Thank you.

Barbara & Henrik Westerlin

Wildlife and tea tour of Assam
November 2012

Overall we had a good time. The cars, drivers, hotels were all good. No complaints.

The guide Swapan was good.  Punctual. Very thoughtful.  Shared lots of useful info, options that made best use of our time.  Offered us traditional Assamese food on several locations at small hotels where the locals eat. Would never have known this. Also took us to the Karbi festival that happened to be on when we were there.  Showed us good shopping opportunities in the markets. Was open to new suggestions and ideas to do things even if not on the original itinerary  – as long as we paid for it of course On the whole took very good care of us. Recommended.


Peter Theobald

Tribal tour of Arunachal Pradesh
April 2012

My wife and I had little doubts about what we would find in a place as remote as Arunachal Pradesh and even though the region has little modern amenities, we were surprised with the way Greener Pastures handled the trip and ensured that most of the places we stayed in were authentic and clean. The guide was young and went out of the way to make us feel comfortable. The highlight of trip was obviously the simple tribal people of the state who opened their hearts to us and the spectacular scenery of the eastern Himalayan belt. I will certainly be contacting you guys again.


Greg and Susanna
United Kingdom

Namdapha Rainforest Trek and Arunachal Pradesh
January 2012

Travel photos and stories from Northeast India - Benno-FurmannNamdapha was very special…Coming out of a three day trek in dense green jungle-terrain it was spectacular to arrive at the river bank and get the side of the lower himalayan mountain-range and to meet this beautiful guy on an elephant inviting us to rest at his house.. Never forget it…

With Vaivhav´s way of handling things, of exploring, one might end up in situations which were not planned but are part of the adventure. Those adventures are being lived and cherished from him as much as yourself. One is literally ‘together’ in this. So we would improvise a lot, which was mandatory in those remote areas , like Namdapha. He is a young, easy going guy who will continue to grow on experience, being fascinated by his own country, especially the blank spots on it…


Benno Furmann

Tailored journey covering Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya
December 2011

Travel photos and stories from Northeast India - BP BhatIt was a wonderful tour of North East for me as well as my family and friends. To be frank with you, I had never thought that NE could be so beautiful and wonderful. Himalaya is Himalaya, it is unique every where.

The Lohit Valley and Kibithoo are something which will be remembered for a long long time. The trek in Namdapha National Park and Double Decker Living Root Bridge, visit to Sri Krishna Tea Estate, Cherrapunji, Manas, Kaziranga etc will be cherished for a long time to come.

Because of lack of time, I could explore only Assam, Meghalaya and part of Arunachal. However the pleasant experience  has made me to explore other regions of NE, sooner. The icing on the cake was your arrangement during the entire stretch of the tour. Even though you are new and not much experienced in this field; your sincerity, dedication and approach has made these places look more wonderful than otherwise. I will definitely take your help in future, whenever God give me some time to explore other hidden places of NE.

May you prosper in your field and serve the needy tourists to explore the unexplored places of NE and there-by help the local tourism in a big way.


B P Bhat

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