garia-puja-tripuraGaria Puja is a Puja done by the tribes of the state and is held on the seventh day of the month of April. This festival is celebrated as a harvest festival by the ethnic tribes and celebrations begin from last day of March-April. This festival is celebrated in a traditional way by the people of Tripura and celebrated throughout the state with a lot of splendor and joy. Children and youth play drums, sing and dance in front of the Lord Garia. They do this to please the deity. People from all the communities seek the blessing of Lord Garia. The Puja is mainly conducted by Jhumias.

A bamboo pole is worshipped with flowers and garlands by the tribals which symbolizes the Lord Garia. Various ingredients are used while conducting the Garia Puja. The ingredients used in the Puja are fowl chick, cotton thread, rice, eggs, riccha, rice beer and earthen pots. An important part of the Puja is sacrificing a fowl and offering the blood to the deity. This activity is done to please the deity and to seek his blessings. God Garia is worshipped so as to bestow the people with domestic animals, peace, children and wealth. The Puja is held to seek blessings. The sacrifice of cocks is an important feature and other important feature is dancing and rejoicing after the Puja. Garia dance is performed by the Tripuris and the Reangs.

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