ker puja tripura indiaKer Puja is held after a fortnight of Kharchi Puja and is a traditional tribal festival. The deity of Vastu Devata is Ker meaning boundary or a particular area. People believe that the former rulers in the past used to perform this Puja for the general welfare and well being of the people of the state. A large piece of bamboo is used to make Ker and this bamboo is then used by the priest to perform the Puja. Ker Puja is the strictest Puja done by the people because of the association of various beliefs and aspects. The deities of Tripura are worshiped in this Puja. Every entrance or exit of the portion is entirely blocked to create a symbol for doing the Ker Puja. Expectant mothers and dying people are shifted to neighboring villages before starting the Puja. The people in the surrounded place are not allowed to go beyond the boundary till Puja gets finished. If any person enters the boundary by mistake, he is not allowed to move back from the place.

The Ker Puja starts around 8 am to 10 am in the morning hours. People are not allowed to speak or laugh once the Puja starts. This Puja is done to defend the interest of the people from any misfortune, disease and poverty. The other reason is to save people from any external violence. Offering and sacrifices are an important part of Ker Puja. Dancing and rejoicing is done by the devotees after the Puja.

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