kharchi puja tripuraKharchi Puja is one of the most popular festivals in Tripura. It’s a week-long royal Puja which falls in the month of July on the eighth day of the new moon and attracts thousands of people. This festival is celebrated at Agartala (Puran Agartala) in the temple premises of fourteen gods. There are many legends associated with this Puja. The celebrations extend till a week and are held in the temple premises which are attended by thousands of people.

The word Kharchi is derived from the word Khya which means earth. Kharchi Puja is basically done to worship the earth. All of rituals are of tribal origin, which includes worshipping of fourteen gods and mother earth. The Puja is performed to wash out the sins and to clean the post menstrual phase of mother earth’s menstruation. Thus the Puja is performed for seven consecutive days. On the day of the Puja, the fourteen gods are carried to river Saidra by the members of chantai. The gods are bathed in the holy water and are brought back to the temple. They are again placed in the temple by performing Puja, offering of flowers and vermillion. Animal sacrifice is also an important part of this festival and includes sacrificing of goats and pigeons. People offer sweets and the sacrificial meat to god. Both tribal and non-tribal people join together and celebrate the festival in a festive mood by becoming a part of it. Plenty of other attractions along with a large fair and cultural programs are organized during this time.

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