Khuado-Kut-MizoramOne of the major festivals of the Paite community, Khuado Kut is celebrated as a thanksgiving festival when all the harvesting work is done. This festival is held during full moon nights which are regarded auspicious for this event. The term Khuado is a combination of two terms – khua and do. Khua means a village or town. Khua indicates night time or darkness. Khua also refers to the deity Khuanu/Khuazing of the past animistic Paite Zomis. Do on the other hand means to defend oneself. Khuado can be summed up as an event or an occasion in which the villagers fight back the evil spirit and engage themselves in a sort of spirituality. This was done to predict the well being of the village and also wish to have a good harvest for the next season. The festival marks organizing of a mega feast where the whole village, young and old alike share an extravagant meal till the last day of the festival.

The Khuado festival is organized by the village chief who also consults the other elders of the male clan in the dormitory of the village. One or more male dormitory can be present in a village and it also can depend on the size of the village.

Once the dates are announced by the chief, every household in the village gets ready to collect resin (bark of the pine tree) from the forest which serves as the purpose of lighting. Light plays a pivotal role in Khuado festival. Each household lights a torch to ward off the evil spirit of their home. The people of the community shout, chant and produce maximum noise by using any handy instruments like drums, gongs, cymbals and pipes.

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