nongol-chakouba-manipur-festivalOn the second day of October to November of every year the festival is celebrated in Manipur. Also known as Ningol -Chakkouba (grand feast arranged for sisters), this festival celebrates the great festivity of the sisters of each and every family of Manipur.

Even though this festival is observed for one day only it bears a significant impact on the Manipur society. This system was introduced as in 33 B.C. following the Manipuri myths.

This is magnified as a big festival for all sorts of people male and female, young and old join together and enjoys the day. This festival bears a good meaning of love between brothers and sisters and also does signify the love between the families. After the meals the parents and brothers present gifts to the daughters, and sisters. The daughters and sisters in turn bless them all for happiness and prosperity for the whole year. On this festival, the tribes get dressed up in their beautiful dress and decorate their heads with Headwear. This festival is mainly the festival of hill tribes held once in a year in the month of Mera. Now-a-days this festival is being performed and celebrated with much enthusiasm by different social organizations in different places (as selected by the organizing committees). There is the grand feast combined with the exchange of presents among the hill tribes and the people of the valley. Merry making and thanksgiving is observed during the celebrations. This festival has also been observed at the state level and has been declared as the state holiday.

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