Solung-Festival-Arunachal-PradeshThe ‘Solung’ is celebrated by the ‘Adi’ community. Adi’s belong to the agricultural community and thus this festival is connected with the agricultural activities of the people. Various myths, stories, and beliefs are associated with the origin of the ‘Solung’ festival.

Solung is celebrated in the mid-part of the year in the monsoon month of July/August. The date of celebration of this festival is on different days of these months depending upon different villages. But, the final date of the festival is decided by the Kebang or the village council keeping the convenience of the village people in mind. Sometimes, even the headman can also fix the date of this festival along with village leader’s consent. Once the date is fixed, rice-beer or ‘Apong’ preparation starts. The people start storing fresh vegetables for the occasion.

The Solung festival continues for 7 days and on the first day, the Indian Bison along with pigs are slaughtered in the early hours of the morning. A family can sacrifice depending upon their financial capability. Apong is prepared in plenty and offered on the day of slaughter. Meats of all the slaughtered animals are preserved for the rest of the day of the festival.

The second day of the festival is known as ‘Yegling’. On this particular day 1/3rd of the preserved meat is distributed among the relatives. A grand dinner feast is arranged for neighbours, women and children. Apong, however is prepared on all the days of the Solung festival. Any one of the inmates of the family goes to the field on the fourth day and sacrifices a fowl. A woman or a girl generally offers the Etting and Apong along with the sacrifice. This day is called as ‘Oinnyad’.

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