thalfavang-kut-mizoram-festivalThalfavang Kut is observed in Mizoram every year, to promote tourism and preserving the cultural heritage of the people. The Thalfavang Kut festival is celebrated in November. The festival is celebrated before harvest to celebrate the completion of farming while waiting for the tough task of harvesting. The festival is celebrated by the farmers as cultivation is the major livelihood of this state. This tradition of celebrating is being kept alive as a tourism promotion venture. The festival is being organized in rural areas to give tourists the opportunity to know-how and take pleasure in rural life.

The celebration includes displaying of cultural dances, music, flower show, exhibit and sale of local handloom and handicrafts, demonstration and sale of local Agriculture / Horticulture product and by-product. The festival is extremely popular and widely celebrated festival in Mizoram. All the tribal groups of Mizoram participate with keenness and participate in various cultural events which are organized during this festival. The vivacious clothes add to the festive mood. The festival includes dancing and singing of local songs, which are sung by the farmers while they dance. People engross in the feast as a part of this celebration. The festival also significantly allows the tribal groups of Mizoram to represent the natural cultural trend of their community. The tribal people participate from far flung areas and represent their cultural features and also get a chance to interact with people from remote corners of Mizoram. Celebration start after the weeding is completed and also serves the next step in preparing the land for the next harvest. The Thalfavang Kut festival is exceptionally successful in depicting the cultural heritage of Mizoram.

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