The Tribal Frontiers of Northeast India

32D/ 31N

The Tribal Frontiers of Northeast India
Meghalaya - Assam - Arunachal Pradesh - Nagaland 32D/ 31N
In this grand journey across the vast expanse of northeastern India, you will travel through the states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya and Nagaland, visiting various beautiful landscapes inhabited by some of the fascinating tribes of the region. Despite the lack of proper infrastructure in the remote frontiers, the highlight will be ethical and authentic interactions with the host communities. Read more
  • Embark on a grand road trip to distant lands.
  • Close interactions with some of the most fascinating tribes of India.
  • Stay in responsible homestays and guesthouses.

Tribes of Nagaland

11D/ 10N

Tribes of Nagaland
Mon - Mokokchung - Touphema - Kohima - Dzuleke 11D/ 10N
Traveling across the entire breadth of Nagaland, the tour covers close cultural interactions with the indigenous tribes of the region. In Mon in eastern Nagaland, the tattooed Konyaks, once headhunters, dwell in the verdant scenery of Patkai Hills. Mokokchung, the cultural and artistic capital of Nagaland, is home to the Ao people. Towards the Kohima region, the Angami people prefer to live in hilltops. Read more
  • The fascinating cultures of the Naga tribes.
  • Pleasant scenery of the Naga and Patkai Hills.
  • Easy and insightful village walks and homestays.

Tribes of Central Arunachal Pradesh

10D/ 9N

Tribes of Central Arunachal Pradesh
Ziro - Daporijo - Aalo - Pasighat 10D/ 9N
In this tour, you’ll drive across the central region of Arunachal Pradesh which is the tribal heartland of the state. Various tribes inhabit these lands, such as the Apatani, Tagin, Adi and Gallong, where they live in close relationship to nature by using sustainable approaches to lifestyle. You will get to visit their villages and houses, interact with them and learn about their unique cultures. Read more
  • Cultural interaction with fascinating tribes such as the Apatani and Adi.
  • Beautiful villages and scenery of the Eastern Himalayas.
  • The ingenious hanging bridges of the Siang Valley.

The Fabled Land of the Khasi People

7D/ 6N

The Fabled Land of the Khasi People
Cherrapunji - Nongriat - Mawlynnong 7D/ 6N
The highlight of this trip will be your visit to the living root bridges which are marvel examples of sustainable and eco-friendly architecture. Made from the roots of a tree, the Khasis, a tribe in the mysterious highlands of Meghalaya, long ago noticed in its powerful roots, an opportunity to easily cross the area’s many rivers. Also included are cultural interactions and ethical homestays. Read more
  • Visit the wettest and rainiest place of our planet.
  • The incredible living root bridges of Meghalaya.
  • Be charmed by the landscape and culture of the Khasi Hills.

Simple Life in Rural Assam

8D/ 7N

Simple Life in Rural Assam
Namphake - Majuli 8D/ 7N
Assam is a land of simple people, pleasant countryside, tea plantations, rivers and jungles. This tour allows travelers to indulge in the countryside lifestyle of the people – learning about the simple ways of life, sustainable practices and the graceful cultures. Travelling through Majuli and Namphake, you will learn about two different cultural practices of Assamese and Tai Phake people. Read more
  • Cultural interaction with the Assamese and Tai Phake people.
  • Easy village walks, bicycle rides and ethical stays.
  • The elegant monastic culture of Majuli.

Buddhism in Arunachal Pradesh

10D/ 9N

Buddhism in Arunachal Pradesh
Nameri NP - Thembang - Tawang - Bomdila 10D/ 9N
Located high in the mountain ranges of the Eastern Himalaya, is the holy town of Tawang – the land of the Monpa and Sherdukpen people; cultures which display an integration of indigenous beliefs and Tibetan Buddhism. Often referred to as the ‘Land Of Snowy Mountains’, the region offers extremely scenic mountain panoramas, peaceful villages, rare floral diversity, enlightening monasteries & serene lakes. Read more
  • Find peace and inspiration in the Tawang Monastery.
  • Breathtaking scenery of high Eastern Himalayan mountains.
  • Village walks and homestay with the Monpa people.

The Apatanis of Ziro Valley

5D/ 4N

The Apatanis of Ziro Valley
Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh 5D/ 4N
This short break takes you to the quaint valley of Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh, which is home of one of the planet’s most fascinating tribe – the Apatani people. The valley is also famous for the rice cum fish cultivation which is practiced in high altitudinal plains. You will be visiting Apatani villages and staying in a local’s home, where authentic interactions will provide a deeper insight into their peculiar... Read more
  • Meet the tattooed Apatani people of Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Breathtaking scenery of the Ziro Valley.
  • Village walks and homestays.

Wildlife and Tribes of Northeast India

20D/ 19N

Wildlife and Tribes of Northeast India
Manas NP - Nameri NP - Kaziranga NP - Gibbon WS - Majuli - Ziro - Dibru Saikhowa NP - Namdapha NP - Mon 20D/ 19N
This tour is a great way to start one’s journey into Northeast India, meeting the tribes and witnessing the virgin wilderness they inhabit. Among the tribes, you will meet the fascinating Apatanis in Arunachal Pradesh, the tattooed headhunting Konyaks in the hills of Nagaland, and learn about Assamese heritage and culture in the river island of Majuli. Read more
  • Meet fascinating tribes such as the Apatani and the Konyak.
  • Learn about Assam’s graceful and ancient monastic culture.
  • Journey across five beautiful national parks including 2 UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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