This short tour is a delightful experience covering the quaint valley of Ziro, a scenic landscape hidden in the eastern Himalayas of Arunachal Pradesh. The valley is known throughout the world for the rich indigenous culture of the Apatani tribespeople who live here and for the fish-cum-rice cultivation which is practiced in the terraced farms of the valley. Though they have lived in the remote valley and co-inhabited their surroundings with primitive tribes, the Apatanis evolved with brilliant scientific advances that reflect their means of well sustainable living and good use of natural resources. The Apatanis are also friendly by nature as compared to their fierce neighboring tribes.

In this tour, you will get to meet and interact with the Apatani people, opening a doorway into the lives of one of India’s most fascinating tribe. Living in the homestays with local families is an excellent opportunity to learn about the ways of the locals. Most village elders are tattooed in traditional patterns, and their unique features stand as a reminder to the old days when the region had no roads and tribes reigned in all their savage glory. Apart from the cultural exchange, one can also explore the surrounding mountains by enjoying short hikes through the bamboo and pine plantations. A perfect short trip apt for an elongated weekend, where you can escape to a hidden valley filled with serene landscape and warm hospitality.

Day 1 | Dibrugarh - Lakhimpur
Arrive at Dibrugarh, the nearest airport and major railway head for traveling into central and eastern parts of Arunachal Pradesh. After arrival, drive to Bogibeel river port and catch a ferry across the mighty Brahmaputra and travel to Lakhimpur (5 hours) at the foothills of Arunachal Pradesh for mid-way night halt. Your stay will be in a clean and comfortable city lodge.
Day 2 | Lakhimpur - Ziro
After breakfast, travel uphill to Ziro (6-7 hours) in Arunachal Pradesh, it is a beautiful Himalayan valley located at an altitude of 1500m. The countryside of Ziro is surrounded by evergreen forests, terraced rice farms and misty mountains. The Apatanis are the native inhabitants of the valley. They believe to have originated from their ancestor Abotani and belong to the same Tani group as neighbouring Nyishi, Tagin, Adi and Galo tribes. However, they are culturally different and are scientifically quite advanced as a hill tribe, their innovations can be seen in their farms. The indigenous Apatani women are renowned for their nose plug and indigenous tattoos. Ziro has been listed for nomination as UNESCO world heritage site for its unique culture. Enjoy your rural stay with an Apatani family and experience their ethnic cuisine.
Day 3 | Ziro
Visit the homes and interact with Apatani people in villages such as Hong, Hari, Baro and Siiro. The villages still have traditional wooden houses built on stilts, the villages are compact with houses built close to each other as the Apatanis often faced raids from the fierce neighbouring tribes. The Lapan is a platform at the centre of every village which serves as the point of gathering for all occasions, tall Babo totem poles can be also seen in front of most houses. One can also go for a hike in the bamboo and pine plantations of the Apatani villages. A visit to the terraced farms to see their wet rice cultivation system and fish farming can be very interesting. Also visit a shrine of Donyi Polo religion, the indigenous faith of the Apatani people.Later, visit the local market at Hapoli town and enjoy the panoramic view of Ziro valley from the landscape viewpoint at Hapoli.
Day 4 | Ziro - Silapathar
After breakfast, drive downhill to Silapathar (8 hours) in the plains of Assam for night stay in a standard lodge. If time permits, one can also see nearby villages of Mishing tribe living by the riverside.
Day 5 | Silapathar - Dibrugarh
Catch the morning ferry and then drive to Dibrugarh airport (3 hours) for departure. End of tour.

Homestays are important in promoting sustainable tourism in Ziro, the land of the ancient Apatani culture, while also engaging visitors to have an authentic experience of staying with an Apatani family and learning about their ways. The rooms are simple, airy, clean, with fairly standard amenities.

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Illustrated tour map of the Apatanis of Ziro Valley in Arunachal PradeshTour12

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