Available from mid June to October

From around June to September every year, the plateau of Meghalaya plays host to a massive amount of rainfall, brought by giant clouds that rise from the Bay of Bengal. It is a meteorological condition unlike any other, of the extremities of nature and of the magic and mystery brought by the monsoons. This phenomenon of unending rainfall has made Meghalaya the rainiest and wettest place of the planet and has carved unique natural formations in the landscape of the state, such as waterfalls, caves, lakes, rivers and rich mineral deposits. Naturally, even the people of the state have unique cultures and dresses which have in some way been influenced by the climatic conditions. It can be correctly said that during the monsoon season, Meghalaya stands true to its name of being ‘the abode of clouds’. It is the time of the year when the air is filled with mist, the forests are virgin green in color, caves become even deeper, and numerous waterfalls come alive with massive rapids and thunderous sounds.

Better news is that the rain doesn’t fall continuously, but takes a break every few hours during the daytime. Though this is mostly due to the changing global climate as elders tell stories when the sun never showed up for months. Apart from experiencing the coziness of the rains, you might also be getting a chance to hit the outdoors to enjoy the pretty landscape and the cultures of Meghalaya. Also, as there will be much rain, we have handpicked unique accommodations for this tour where you will find the perfect luxuries, coziness and comfort to sit back and enjoy the experience of being in the rainiest place of the planet during the rainiest season of the year.

The tour will begin in Shillong, a charming hill station with a rich colonial history and the bustling capital of the state of Meghalaya. Unless chosen otherwise, your stay here will be in a boutique 4 star resort located picturesquely beside the serene Umiam Lake. The resort has a very pleasant and authentic ambience, along with great staff, ethnic food and facilities. While in Shillong, you will be visiting some of the delightful waterfalls, the Shillong Peak from where you can see panoramic views of the bustling town and the Don Bosco Museum which showcases detailed information about the many tribes of Northeast India. From Shillong, you will cross scenic hills to arrive at Mawlynnong, the cleanest village of Asia. Located in forested foothills overlooking the plains of Bangladesh, the village has the perfect coziness for a rainy day and a very easy going lifestyle. Your stay in the village will be basic but comfortable – in a homestay with the local tribe. Mawlynnong and nearby places have a very authentic culture where you will get a chance to live and interact with the Khasis; who are not only charming but also well educated. Amongst the things to do around the village, you will be hiking to nearby villages and to the living root bridge; which is a manmade structure made from living roots which display remarkable sustainability. You can also spend time swimming in the local natural pool or observing sunsets, cloud formations and lightnings at the village view point. Lastly, after a brief visit to some of the secret waterfalls around, you will leave to the West Khasi Hills to arrive at Cherrapunji (Sohra), which is officially the wettest place in the entire planet. Your stay here will be in a standard property located picturesquely near a cliff; providing front row seats to the monsoon clouds which arrive northward from the Bangladesh plains. Being tucked away cozily, time will be at leisure to enjoy the mystical atmosphere of Cherrapunji – the mist, rain, clouds and lightning bolts. And when it will be raining little, you’ll go outdoors to visit some of the caves and waterfalls that enchant the landscape of this faraway tropical paradise.

Day 1 | Guwahati - Shillong
Upon arrival at Guwahati Airport, you’ll leave for a drive to Shillong (4 hours), a splendid hill station and the capital of Meghalaya. Evening will be at leisure where you may explore the local markets on your own. Your stay in Shillong will be Ri-Kynjai Resort, a delightful boutique 4 star property located midst the serenity of Umiam Lake. Alternatively, you may also choose a more standard accommodation if preferred.
Day 2 | Shillong
After a leisurely breakfast, you will leave for a sightseeing tour of Shillong where you will the indigenous tribes museum, lakes, waterfalls and the scenic Shillong Peak. For lunch, you will visit a ethnic restaurant which serves local cuisine. Later in the afternoon, visit the gaming grounds to observe the daily event of Siat Khnam, a local way of gambling where archers shoot arrows in a haystack. Evening will be at leisure and can be spent exploring the upbeat market area and dine in a fine restaurant.

Day 3, 4 | Shillong - Mawlynnong
After a leisurely breakfast on day 3, leave for a scenic drive to Mawlynnong (3 hours), the cleanest village of Asia located in scenic foothills. The village offers just the perfect coziness to observe the monsoons while immersing in the laid back lifestyle of the village. Spend the two days in leisurely walks around the pretty lanes of the village, learn about the Khasi tribe and interact with the Khasi locals all of whom speak English and are educated, smart and charming. Hike to the nearby living root bridge to observe their remarkable sustainability and to be surrounded by raw nature. You may also choose to spend the afternoons in the village natural pool which has a pretty neat waterfall along with cold freshwater, perfect to beat the summer heat. To view sunsets, the village has a skywalk which is a platform built on top of a tall tree from where one can see incredible sunsets, panoramic views of the Bangladesh plains and some crazy cloud formations. Your stay in the village will be in a cozy and fairly standard homestay giving you a glimpse into the goings Khasi household.
Day 5 | Mawlynnong - Cherrapunji
After breakfast, leave for a scenic drive to Cherrapunji (3-4 hours), which along with nearby Mawsynram village is the wettest and rainiest place on the planet. En route you will visit the serene Dawki river at the Bangledesh border and three secretive waterfalls around Mawlynnong where due to the monsoons the water will be gushing, creating an almost ethereal experience. While at Mawphlang you will visit a spirited sacred forest protected as per the indigenous norms of Khasi peoples. In Cherrapunji, your stay will be in a minimalistic resort which provides a magnificent view of landscape, incoming monsoon clouds and them lightnings in the sky. Rest of the day will be at leisure to find comfort in Cherrapunji's famous rainy season, an extreme phenomenon unlike any other.
Day 6, 7 | Cherrapunji
For the next two days you will find yourself at the front seat of the Indian monsoons. Experience the magic and mystery of being in the planet’s rainiest place during the rainiest season of the year. Spend the days at leisure going on easy walks and observing the eerie cloud formations, the mist, the lush green monsoon landscape and the frequent lightning bolts across the sky. When the rain is less, you will be visiting the natural sights of Cherrapunji such as breathtaking waterfalls and caves. Maybe a hike to one of the villages or root bridges in the valley or get a photograph at the rain-gauge located in Mawsynram. Evenings at leisure.

Day 8 | Cherrapunji - Guwahati
After breakfast, leave for Guwahati Airport (6-7 hours) to catch a departure flight late in the afternoon. Tour ends.

Blissfully located in the high plateaus of Cherrapunji with grand vistas of the Bangladesh plains and run by an enthusiastic hospitable family, Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort is a nature based guesthouse more than a resort where visitors can stay in fairly modern rooms and comfort.

Homestays are part of the responsible tourism process practiced in Mawlynnong, one of Asia’s prettiest village. For visitors, it means close interactions with host Khasi families and maybe lifelong bonds with new friends. Rooms are cozy, fairly standard, providing basic comforts suitable for the village life.

Cafe Shillong Bed & Breakfast is a standard boutique property housed in a typical old British India bungalow, offering a charming stay to visitors who come to the ‘Scotland of the east’. Belonging once to the Kharpuri family, the place has colorful character and rooms and facilities are updated to the comforts of modern hospitality. There’s a front-yard garden, a quiet spot for a morning tea or an evening drink.

The tours listed in this website are our own well-researched itineraries that come with a great degree of flexibility and customization. Each tour is therefore individually costed around your requirements and budget.

This provides you with a sense of choice and reliability, and also helps us meet customer expectations much more closely, making your vacation all the more wonderful.

Please fill out the form below to tell us more about the tour you are interested in and a response with costs and more information will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Illustrated travel map for monsoon travel covering Shillong, Cherrapunjee, Mawlynnong in Khasi hills of Meghalaya, India

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