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Kaziranga National Park is the pride of Assam and is one of the most attractive wildlife destinations in Asia. It was declared a protected sanctuary by the British viceroy Lord Curzon in 1904. Kaziranga is home to an incredible diversity of wildlife and birds, and decades of conservation efforts has made it one of the richest wild places and has attracted thousands of wildlife enthusiasts from all over of the world, making it an UNESCO declared natural World Heritage Site. Kaziranga is best known for its one-horned Asiatic rhinos, from a mere 100 rhinos a hundred years back, Kaziranga today is home to more than 2000 of them. The park also records the highest tiger density anywhere in India, but due to the tall grasslands of the Brahmaputra plains, sighting a tiger in Kaziranga is a more thrilling and rewarding experience.

In this delightful tour, guests will embark on thrilling jeep safaris which will go deep inside the wilderness of the national park, through grasslands and teeming forests. There are four forest belts in Kaziranga, namely Agratoli (eastern range) which is primarily dense forest, Kohora (central range) grasslands and home to majority of the rhinos, Bagori (western range) has mixed grasslands and forest and the offbeat Burapahar range which has a hilly forested terrain. Apart from the jeep safaris in the forest ranges and wildlife corridors, visitors can also enjoy a river safari at the confluence of Dhansiri and Brahmaputra rivers to spot the river dolphins, aquatic species, migratory wetland birds and also perhaps the tiger! One can also enjoy leisurely elephant rides in the central and western ranges which are a thrill for families and children for getting a opportunity to sight wild animals from a close range and making introduction with a mahout and his elephant. Exploring Kaziranga is similar to the safari experiences in the savannas of Africa that offer breathtaking views of landscape as well as wildlife. Other than nature, you may also visit nearby villages of Karbi tribe, the ethnic inhabitants of the Burapahar hills who live a sustainable lifestyle much connected to Kaziranga for ages, and spend an evening witnessing a cultural performance highlighting dances and folk.

Day 1 | Guwahati - Kaziranga NP
After arrival at Guwahati airport, drive to the biodiversity hotspot of Kaziranga National Park (6 hours), a prominent wildlife destination of Northeast India and particularly famous for its thriving populations of the one-horned rhino. Kaziranga was declared a protected forest area by Viceroy Lord Curzon in 1904 and later became an UNESCO heritage centre for its unique environment and conservation success. After arrival, check-in at a boutique jungle lodge. Evening at leisure.
Day 2 | Kaziranga NP
In the morning, go on a guided jeep safari in the dense forests of eastern range, which is a good opportunity to see the migratory birds and sometimes even them secretive tigers on the banks of Brahmaputra River. Later, enjoy a river safari at the confluence of Brahmaputra and its tributary Dhansiri River to see the famous Xihu (river dolphins) along with wild ducks, otters and turtles. The river confluence is a breeding ground for fishes and hence attracts numerous birds. After lunch, go for a jeep safari through the grasslands of central range to see the animals near the water holes before they retreat to their habitats at sunset. The range offers quite a diversity of fauna. Return to lodge by evening which will be at leisure.
Day 3 | Kaziranga NP
Start the day early morning with an elephant safari at the central range which will bring you thrillingly close to rhinos and other grass eaters. Later, go for a jeep safari in western range where it is common to see large herds of rhinos, elephants and deer, along with other secrets of the jungle such as wild buffaloes, sloths, Jungle cats, mongoose and birds such as pelican, parakeets, eagles and drongos to list a few. Alternatively, you can choose a safari at the hilly and forested Burapahar Range. Explore the wilderness of the offbeat forest corridor which are famous for large reptiles such as pythons, cobras, kraits and monitor lizards. Midday will be at leisure where you may go on a stroll along the Kohora river, shop souvenirs or explore the rubber plantations, orchid gardens, Karbi villages and the tea gardens nearby. Evening will be free at leisure or can be spent at a cultural program in a nearby resort or even center thus giving a deeper glimpse of the richness of Assam's peoples.
Day 4 | Kaziranga NP - Jorhat
After breakfast, transfer to Guwahati Airport (6 hours) or Jorhat Airport (2-3 hours) for departure. Tour ends.

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Illustrated travel map of wildlife tour of Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India

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