Wangala-Garo-Festival-MeghalayaWangala or the harvest Festival runs for two days. The festival is dedicated to the sun god of fertility. Wangala is the greatest traditional festival of Garo tribes, who live in Meghalaya, India, Assam and Greater Mymensingh in Bangladesh. The tribes celebrate this festival at every harvesting period in late autumn. The festival falls during the second week of November each year. Garo people are dependents of agro-economy and do not use any agricultural products before thanking God of fertility, Misi-Saaljong. People celebrate this festival with dancing, drinking chu, singing for three days & nights. The Wangala festival is a grand Carnival to celebrate the harvest season because after years the people find relief in seeing the golden harvest. Thus prayer is offered to the God for providing crops and sing and dance to offer worship to the great deity.

The major highlight of the festival is the sound of 100 drums (nagaras) being beaten. Rugala and Sasat Sowa are celebrated on the first day and all the rituals are performed in the house of the chief of the village. Dama Gogata is celebrated on the last day. Young men, women and old people dress in their colorful garments (Dokmanda or Gando) and feathered headgear and dance to music played on long, oval-shaped drums. Katta Dokka, Ajea, Dani Dokka, Chambil Mesa or the Pomelo Dance is performed during these days.

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