Touphema is a village of the native Angami tribe and is located in Kohima district near the state capital. Touphema is one of the major attractions of Kohima as it is one of the few villages which have still preserved their ancient tribal traditions and therefore it has been declared as Tourist Village by the state government.

The story of community based eco-tourism in Touphema had a difficult beginning. Touphema was one of the most remote and backward villages in the area. In 1985, the villagers gathered all resources to establish their own transport connectivity and come out of remoteness. With the little earnings, the village council slowly began to work on development. With the rise of tourism in Nagaland after the Hornbill Festival in 2000, the villagers came up with the idea of hosting visitors in their village by starting homestays to provide authentic cultural experience. Clans contributed land and labour and constructed huts with local resources. Due to their growing popularity for hospitality, soon the village received attention and aid from the government to establish a fully fledged Tourist Village. Today, it is one of the best examples of self sustaining communities in the region.

The Tourist Village is located on a hill above the village and offers spectacular view of the Naga Hills. There are twelve traditional styled wooden cottages which are adorned with carved motifs of Angami folklore. The rooms are clean with attached bath and have basic amenities which are adequate for guests. Food is prepared in the community kitchen and one can enjoy the gastronomic delights of Angami cuisine. A tribal museum has been also recently set up which showcases the indigenous culture.