Dzuleke is an idyllic village of the Angami tribe of Nagaland and is located near capital Kohima. Travelers visiting Kohima often take a day trip to the nearby villages to explore the beautiful countryside and also to observe the culture and traditional lifestyle of the native Angami people. Khonoma and Dzuleke became well known to the outside world as they were the first villages to ban hunting in order to protect their community forests.

With the inflow of visitors, the local community was soon engaged in eco-tourism. The initiative in Dzuleke village was started with an aim to conserve the natural resources of the village and to achieve sustainable forest management through ecotourism. Dzuleke Ecotourism Board (DETB) was then established by the villagers. The North East Initiative Development Agency (NEIDA) has collaborated in the project with the support from the Sir Ratan Tata Trust. NEIDA is a non-profit society which provides monitoring and training to such rural projects. The NGO has helped villagers contribute in tourism through opening up homestays for travelers, they provide equal opportunity to all households in offering hospitality. They organize homestays and also assist the local people in promoting tourism of Dzuleke.

Other than rural stay and cultural experience, Dzuleke now has a lot more to offer. Visitors can enjoy guided tours around the village, short hikes in the community forests for birding and spotting butterflies, camping and other adventure activities. Greener Pastures arranges rural homestays for its guests at Dzuleke in the Nagaland tour of tribes itinerary.