The island of Majuli, situated right in the middle of the mighty Brahmaputra River, is not only the largest populated river island of the world, but also the hotbed of medieval Assamese culture, tribal sustenance practices and bird diversity. However, with the arrival of summers, the island faces massive erosion of its banks, fueled by the raging waters of the Brahmaputra River, and since the last five hundred years, half of the island has already washed away.

The disappearing island is at its crossroads, struggling to keep itself firm. Very less is being done by influential bodies to prevent the erosion, while the rich cultural heritage stands at a critical phase of being erased forever.

To promote and protect this island, and to help the tribal communities living on the island, Greener Pastures is extensively involved in supporting homestay initiatives of the local people. Our guests to the island get a chance to stay in homestays run by some of the local and very hospitable Missing families, such as the homestay La Maison De Ananda, which was built and gifted to to a local family by a French architect couple who fell in love with the island. The homestays provide guests a deeper interaction with the people and cultures of Majuli Island, while also benefiting local economy and encouraging local bodies to take notice of the island’s richness.

There are numerous activities to fill your day, such as visiting Assamese monasteries to learn about their very unique practices of religion, arts and drama, learning about traditional mask-making by skilled artisans, visit to ethnic villages and handiwork centers, or bicycle and boat rides to explore the island and its waterways at leisure.