The Nampong area lies at the very eastern corner of India and just a few miles away from considerably undiscovered hills of Burma. The Patkai Hills as it is called lies densely forested and is inhabited by the Tangsa peoples. In 2015 a few families of surrounding villages decided to open their simple but humble homes for travelers who venture into these hidden lands. The region is rich in history. Though the tribespeople have adopted Christianity, their lifestyle and folk still traces traditions of their animist past.

Certainly a rare opportunity to explore unique culture and land, apart from contributing to the local economy, there are various simple enjoyments possible. Discovering the cuisine of the tribe deserves a mention where a mix of herbs, forest produces and simple cooking bring out a unique and sober taste.

Nearby, the Phangsu Pass falls in the famous Stillwell Road which is America’s greatest engineering project ever undertaken during wartime, though this World War 2 icon is shrouded with blood and sacrifice with uncountable native and African-American lives lost in making it. Today the road is yet again overtaken by the rainforest for most parts and can be traversed only till a nearby Burmese village ahead the pass and the mysterious Lake of No Return where numerous allied warplanes disappeared.

Numerous lush streams and abundant farms stretch the hills. Like the neighboring Naga tribes, the Tangsas too prefer to build their villages in hilltops. Friendly folks, the cultural interaction with the locals is as much a highlight often leading to friendships. Tourism is still kind of non-existent in the region. In this regard, these homestays represent a better and ethical future that can be brought by an progressive approach to tourism.