Monsoon Green and Tea Plantations

Dibrugarh - Mancotta Tea Estate - Sivasagar - Gatoonga Tea Estate - Majuli  
6D/ 5N

Monsoon season in Assam is the time of the year when the numerous forests, pastures, agricultural lands, and tea plantations come alive with different shades of refreshing greenery. The river swells to become an ocean and the skies darken with gigantic and mesmerizing cloud formations. It is the time of the year when fresh tea leaves sprout in more than eight hundred tea estates.

 Stay in heritage bungalows midst luxury and serenity of tea plantations.

 Walk in the plantations, pluck your own leaves.

 Village walks and tea factory visits.


Wildlife in the Assam Plains

Manas NP - Nameri NP - Kaziranga NP - Gibbon WS  
8D/ 7N

T he fertile plains of Assam host an array of marvelous wildlife. The grasses grow tall and the forests are deep, home to large herds of elephants, rhinos, wild buffalos, and deer, a playground for majestic predators such as tigers and leopards who lurk mysteriously in the thicket. Your journey will cover 4 different natural habitats, from the popular Kaziranga to the offbeat trails of Nameri.

 UNESCO heritage sites of Kaziranga and Manas.

 Thrilling nature walks in the wilds.

 Jeep and elephant safaris that bring you up-close to wildlife.


Simple Life in Rural Assam

Namphake - Majuli  
8D/ 7N

Assam is a land of simple people, pleasant countryside, tea plantations, rivers, and jungles. This tour allows travelers to indulge in the countryside lifestyle of the people – learning about the simple ways of life, sustainable practices, and their graceful cultures. Traveling through Majuli and Namphake, you will learn about two different cultural practices of the Assamese and Tais.

 Cultural interaction with the Assamese and Tai Phake people.

 Easy village walks, bicycle rides and ethical stays.

 The elegant monastic culture of Majuli.


River Cruise on the Brahmaputra

Kaziranga NP - Majuli - Sivasagar - Dibrugarh  
8D/ 7N

This unforgettable luxury cruise on the mighty and mystical Brahmaputra River will make time stop and enchant you with beautiful landscapes, cultures, and natural habitats that surround the majestic river. You will cover most of the highlights on the river banks, with elephant and jeep safaris, searching for rhinos and tigers, visits to medieval ruins, and cultural interactions.

 Immersive sailing along the majestic Brahmaputra River

 Learn about the subtle cultures and history of Assam

 The wilds of Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Tea Plantation Stays in Assam

Dibrugarh - Mancotta T.E - Sivasagar - Gatoonga T.E - Adabarie T.E - Guwahati  
9D/ 8N

Throughout the world, Assam is known for its tea. With the presence of more than 800 tea estates in the state, they form a landscape of lush greenery. Some of the larger tea estates have British-raj era heritage bungalows, where midst luxury and serenity one can drift back in time to the days of the elegant colonial aristocracy. It is a revitalizing experience to live a laid-back existence and sip on some heart-warming Assam tea. 

 Stay in heritage bungalows amidst luxury and serenity of tea plantations.

 Leisurely walks, meet leaf gatherers, and pluck your own tea leaves.

 Tea time elephant trek.


Wildlife of Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park, Assam
4D/ 3N

Kaziranga National Park’s wildlife is endangered and important. An UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kaziranga has been an epitome of conservation efforts which has found applaud from throughout the world. A hundred years of wildlife protection has made the mark a safe haven for numerous wild animals, such as the presence thousands of rhinos and elephants, and more than hundred tigers.

 Chance upon tigers and leopards

 Guided jeep and elephant safaris covering different ranges.

 Escorted nature walk inside the national park.


Wildlife of Manas National Park

Manas National Park, Assam
4D/ 3N

Manas National Park is one of India’s wildest national park, a tiger reserve and an UNESCO natural heritage site. Offbeat and less touristy, Manas is an ideal place to observe wildlife midst the calmness and serenity of eastern Himalayan forests. Some of Manas’s wildlife is extremely rare and endemic such as the tiger, golden langur and the pygmy hog.

 Biodiversity of Manas National Park, an UNESCO Heritage Site.

 Go for jeep and elephant safaris inside the national park right till Bhutan.

 Village visits and sustainable lifestyles.


Wildlife and Tribes of Northeast India

Manas NP - Nameri NP - Ziro - Majuli - Gibbon WS - Kaziranga NP - Mon - Dibru Saikhowa NP - Namdapha NP

This tour is a great mix of the rich natural and cultural diversity of Northeast India. A a look into not only the wildlife but also the tribes of the region who inhabit the wilderness. Covering 5 of the best national parks of the region which display a multitude of natural habitats, flora and fauna. As you journey across the wild frontier you will get to interact with tribes such as Konyaks and Apatanis.

 Journey across five beautiful national parks

 Meet fascinating tribes such as the Apatani and the Konyak.

 Learn about sustainable forest based lifestyles.


The Great East Himalayan Wildlife Journey

Manas NP - Nameri NP - Kaziranga NP - Gibbon WS - Dibru Saikhowa NP - Namdapha NP - Dihing Patkai WS  
16D/ 15N

A special tour for the keen wildlife observer, for 16 days, you will go on a thrilling journey in India’s wildest territory – the northeast, and discover biodiversity that is rare, fascinating and endemic. A tour that will cover 5 national parks and 2 wildlife sanctuaries, taking you from the Himalayan foothills of Manas National Park to the rainforest of India’s largest nature reserve - Namdapha National Park.

 Guided jeep, elephant and boat safaris across various natural habitats.

 Thrilling walks in the jungles.

 Rainforest biodiversity of Namdapha National Park.


Exotic Cuisines and Northeast India Bliss

Guwahati - Shillong - Mawlynnong - Kaziranga NP - Kohima 
8D/ 7N

Travelers often overlook the cuisine of Northeast India. But the region, home to various religions and more than 200 tribes, offers food lovers and culture enthusiasts an opportunity to taste the cuisines of various ethnicities that trace their ancestry to faraway lands in Mongolia & Southeast Asia. Dedicated to the exotic cuisine of Northeast India, the natural bliss, and the friendly people of the region.

 Indulge in various northeastern cuisines such as Assamese, Khasi and Naga.

 Journey through scenic lands.

 Be thrilled at Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO natural heritage site.